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Jazz Fenton Waifu Dream?
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Types of Women in Western Animation
So, in honor of that, and the fact that I have so many I know I'm going to make a list of the types of women in animation
Tomboy: Rainbow Dash, Amethyst, Lynn Loud, Toph Bei Fong, Lana Loud, Luna Loud, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom
Goofy Girl: Pinkie Pie, Ty-Lee, Luan Loud, Harley Quinn, Starfire
The Dunce: Leni Loud, Sonata Dusk, Ty-Lee
Serious and Evil: Azula, Adagio Dazzle, Lola Loud, Lori Loud
Goth: Raven, Lucy Loud, Mai, Maud Pie
The Lady: Pearl, Rarity
The Shy: Fluttershy
The Nerd: Peridot, Pidge Gunderson
The Brute: Applejack, Jasper
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 4 1
YAY, It's my 2nd anniversary being into SU!
HAHA, yep....2 years ago today i got into least that's what it says on my iphone
Other annivesaries include:
First day of driving (February 7, 2013)
7 years on dA
I'm 21 years old
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Steven Universe Character Parallels:
The characters I find Steven Universe characters relate to, or would relate to the most, or basically ARE:
Lapis Lazuli = Raven, Lucy Loud, Maud Pie, Mr. Freeze - Emo characters who are emotionless but care deeply on the inside but don't show it that much
Amethyst = Shego, Rainbow Dash, Lynn Loud - Feisty tomboyish character who loves to crack jokes, pranks, etc on the character they have crushes on or just like to be around
Peridot = Stewie Griffin, Gizmo, Skulker - Intelligent, short know-it-all character who is vastly talkative and technologically intelligent
Pearl = Double D - Paranoid, intelligent, snarky
Garnet = T-800 - Stoic, intelligent, quiet, and strong
Steven Universe = Spongebob Squarepants, Pinkie Pie - Optimistic, nice, kind, and talkative, tries to make everyone smile
Connie = Twilight Sparkle - Intelligent, shy, introverted character who slowly becomes more outgoing through the show
Jasper = Bane, General Zod, Venom - Brute who thinks they are physically be
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Steven Universe and Rugrats Similarities
All cartoons are similar....they all have an anxious character, a leader, a comedic person, a smartie, a villain/antagonist, a supporting, and a bigger bad...
Today, I'm going to show you how this is the case as I show you the parallels in characters of Steven Universe and Rugrats...bit of a stretch, but you'll see what I mean in due time.
I used to watch Rugrats as a kid and now that they play it at night, I re-watch sometimes for nostalgia. I still prefer Hey Arnold!, but eh, this cartoon is simpler for the comparison and doesn't take a long time to make.
Okay here we go:
Tommy Pickles = Garnet and/or Steven - Main protagonist/Leader
Chuckie Finster = Pearl - Anxious smart person
Phil = Amethyst - Comedic boyish character
Lil = Peridot - Feminine comedic character
Angelica = Jasper - Villain
Suzie = Lapis Lazuli - Good intentions character
Stu = Greg - Laid back Dad
Didi = Rose Quartz - Laid back Mom
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
Sapphire the Ice Dragon by DarkTyranitar21 Sapphire the Ice Dragon :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 2 0 Evil Cat - Einhorn Is A Man by DarkTyranitar21 Evil Cat - Einhorn Is A Man :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
BOY Shows vs. GIRL Shows
If you have ever noticed anything, it's that BOY-centric shows usually revolve MORE around it's villains than it's heroes. That's because BOYS are more associated with deviant behavior...Whereas, GIRL shows focus almost ENTIRELY on it's protagonists and little to nothing on it's villains...
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
Top Ten SU Characters with the Most Depth:
10. Rose Quartz
9. Ruby
8, Sapphire
7. Connie Maheswaran
6. Peridot
5. Lapis Lazuli
4. Steven Universe
3. Amethyst
2. Greg Universe
1. Pearl
Why do you think Mr. Greg was so damn good? LOL XD.
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 2 0
Steven Universe Battle Blitz (Game Idea)
By SapphireDragon95
Steven, Connie, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet
Centipeetle, Robonoid, Peridot, Jasper, and Lapis Lazuli
In Progress are the moves of each:
Steven Moves:
- Shield Throw
- Defend
Oh, and if anyone likes this idea...PLEASE CREDIT ME....I think I deserve some credit for the idea.
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Lord Monty Fiske by DarkTyranitar21 Lord Monty Fiske :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 2 1 Dat Amethyst by DarkTyranitar21 Dat Amethyst :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Yu-Gi-Oh! Theory - Character Parallels
Well, I have a theory.
Pegasus (present) = Aknadin (past) - Which is why Kaiba is so gullible and naive to Pegasus....He's essentially facing his father much like Gozaburo was.
Gozaburo = Mr. Ishtar = Aknadin - All three are EVIL father figures and I'm pretty sure ALL of them have the same voice sound...Maybe not the same VA, but definitely a similar sounding arrogant sounding voice
Yami Marik = Zorc = Dartz - They are pretty similar too as they are the ultimate evil figures in the show
Marik = Thief King Bakura - A kid with a traumatic backstory looking for revenge that would explain why Marik and Bakura (present day) got along so well
Priest Seto = Kaiba - Priest Seto is essentially a nicer version
Pharaoh = Yugi - Self-explanatory
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
My Top Ten FAVORITE Spectacular Spiderman Villains
Yes, now we move on to my FAVORITE'S rather than just "quality" villains...
Warning text language is used to condense time
10. The Tinkerer - His doesn't fit him in the slightest...but for some reason, the weird "it doesn't fit him" fits him 0_o, also love his gadgets and genius
9. Chameleon - Great villain who keeps you on your toes everytime he's on screen
8. Hammerhead - I don't know...I think this is my favorite john dimaggio voice role...he's just badass but also comedic in his behavior....
7. The Rhino - There's something likeable about this version more than any other (although i did like paul giamatti as the rhino...if only HE was the secondary antagonist and ELECTRO the main antagonist..., should have saved gobby for the third...)...OH I's the charming and wonderful clancy brown that brings this character to life....yes, clancy brown does a wonderful job making this charcter likeable and come to life....he's probably my favorite GRUNT in terms of comedic
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
My Top Ten Spectacular Spider-Man Villains:
Since I'm off from school, I might as well make this:
Note: I'm not adding Carnage or Hobgoblin, as they did not appear as villains in Spectacular Spider-Man...
Doc Ock: Yes, Spiderman, it's SPECTACULARLY clever for you to have found out the truth!
10. Chameleon
9. Sandman
8. Kraven the Hunter
7. Shocker.Montana and the Enforcers
6. The Rhino/Alex O'Hirn
5. Mysterio/Quentin Beck
4. Tombstone/L. Thompson Lincoln/Big Man(The Kingpin of Spectacular Spider-Man)
3. Venom/Eddie Brock
2. Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius
1. Green Goblin/Norman Osborn
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
My Favorite Brony Musicians:
SimGretina (My personal favorite, he does other things too :3)
daks (extremely underrated artist with GREAT music)
KingSparta (Great remixes with one of my favorite nitntendo franchises in it too dkc)
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0


Lapiven by klystron2010 Lapiven :iconklystron2010:klystron2010 10 3 Spider-Man - I have something for you Spidey by The-GreenGoblin Spider-Man - I have something for you Spidey :iconthe-greengoblin:The-GreenGoblin 140 76 Hobgoblin by JasonCasteel Hobgoblin :iconjasoncasteel:JasonCasteel 66 6 Spectacular Spiderman 1 by jayodjick Spectacular Spiderman 1 :iconjayodjick:jayodjick 538 114 Tsundere Lapis by PastelOpal Tsundere Lapis :iconpastelopal:PastelOpal 9 4 [Request] What did you do to my drink?!?! by eagc7 [Request] What did you do to my drink?!?! :iconeagc7:eagc7 171 53 Lynn Loud by Light-Bulb-Fiend Lynn Loud :iconlight-bulb-fiend:Light-Bulb-Fiend 161 198 Come On,You Little Lincoln. by komi114 Come On,You Little Lincoln. :iconkomi114:komi114 133 13 Luna and The Leaning Tower of Pisa by komi114 Luna and The Leaning Tower of Pisa :iconkomi114:komi114 92 11 Pirate Luna by komi114 Pirate Luna :iconkomi114:komi114 94 17 Luna again by JohnMarkee1995 Luna again :iconjohnmarkee1995:JohnMarkee1995 94 10 Rockin Luna! by komi114 Rockin Luna! :iconkomi114:komi114 92 5 Bowser Luna's Clawful Climb! by komi114 Bowser Luna's Clawful Climb! :iconkomi114:komi114 100 4 Luna's Lunchbox by komi114 Luna's Lunchbox :iconkomi114:komi114 98 10 Raven Lucy and Ravager Luna! by komi114 Raven Lucy and Ravager Luna! :iconkomi114:komi114 112 9 Back 2 Back by Don-ko Back 2 Back :icondon-ko:Don-ko 1,651 136
Check there or at JSD/SapphireDragon95 for my videos.


DarkTyranitar21's Profile Picture
Jay Sapph De
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
MULTIFANDOMER. Also, Grodd takes the cake of not being "too evil." So he fits as my profile picture. I don't like COMPLETE MONSTERS.

I am a lover of cartoons, peacekeeper, pacifist, hedonist, feminist, and writer/videomaker :3...despite my LOKI ID, I am quite "good."

First things first, I love tsunderes/tomboys :3

My favorite color is Blue.

I use cartoons as my muse :3
Hey guys, it's me, Sapph...

I love tsunderes, supervillains, and tragic characters.
I purposefully keep my hair long. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST :3. X3 I have a type (blonde, or brunette and tomboyish.)
I still love Raven from TT and teen titans in general. But I've moved on from that time XD

No, but seriously, I love animation. And video making. And writing :3. Just because I admire villainous characters, does not make me a villain myself. I just like villains is all. I like actors too. And I like heroes more, usually.

Joker: WHY...SO...SERIOUS?

Me: Would...Would you get outta here?

HEY GUYS. WATCH FOR A TSUNDERE or VILLAIN a week! Just an INFP who loves to sketch and loves sketch artwork in itself....Color is overrated (though I love the color blue :3) I'm a guy who uses the computer a lot and puts pokemon/characters as his icon...for some reason...AND loves tsunderes and supervillains as much as a weaboo loves anime.

Current Residence: Ace Ventura: "That's none of your damn business, and I'd thank you to stay out of my personal affairs..."
Favourite Genre of Music: 80's Synth, Rock and New Wave, 90's Hip Hop, MOAR 80's Synthpop
MP3 Player of Choice: iPhone
Favourite Cartoon Character:
- Female: Rainbow Dash (Best Pony and Equestria Girl :3 <3), Amethyst (BEST GEM), Lynn Loud (BEST LOUD), Peridot, Pearl, Luan Loud, Slappy Squirrel, Baby Doll, Lapis Lazuli, Princess Luna, Raven, Batgirl, Harley Quinn
- Male: Yami Yugi, Monkey Fist, Valmont, Tso Lan, Gorilla Grodd, Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, Ash Ketchum, Brock, Bakura, Marik, Robin (Best TT), Spongebob, The Riddler, Diddy Kong, Batman, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Joker, Lex Luthor, Metallo, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Black Manta, Wally West

Favorite Actors: Tom Kenny, Tom Kane, Steve Blum, Michaela Dietz, DeeDee Magno Hall, Jeniifer Paz, Shelby Rabara, Ashleigh Ball, Jennifer Paciccio, Powers Boothe, Clancy Brown, Glenn Shadix, Tara Strong, Grey Delisle, Richard Horvitz, Mark Hamill, Dan Green, Eric Stuart

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