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Top Ten SU Characters with the Most Depth:
10. Rose Quartz
9. Ruby
8, Sapphire
7. Connie Maheswaran
6. Peridot
5. Lapis Lazuli
4. Steven Universe
3. Amethyst
2. Greg Universe
1. Pearl
Why do you think Mr. Greg was so damn good? LOL XD.
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
Lord Monty Fiske by DarkTyranitar21 Lord Monty Fiske :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 1 Dat Amethyst by DarkTyranitar21 Dat Amethyst :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
My Top Ten FAVORITE Spectacular Spiderman Villains
Yes, now we move on to my FAVORITE'S rather than just "quality" villains...
Warning text language is used to condense time
10. The Tinkerer - His doesn't fit him in the slightest...but for some reason, the weird "it doesn't fit him" fits him 0_o, also love his gadgets and genius
9. Chameleon - Great villain who keeps you on your toes everytime he's on screen
8. Hammerhead - I don't know...I think this is my favorite john dimaggio voice role...he's just badass but also comedic in his behavior....
7. The Rhino - There's something likeable about this version more than any other (although i did like paul giamatti as the rhino...if only HE was the secondary antagonist and ELECTRO the main antagonist..., should have saved gobby for the third...)...OH I's the charming and wonderful clancy brown that brings this character to life....yes, clancy brown does a wonderful job making this charcter likeable and come to life....he's probably my favorite GRUNT in terms of comedic
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
My Top Ten Spectacular Spider-Man Villains:
Since I'm off from school, I might as well make this:
Note: I'm not adding Carnage or Hobgoblin, as they did not appear as villains in Spectacular Spider-Man...
Doc Ock: Yes, Spiderman, it's SPECTACULARLY clever for you to have found out the truth!
10. Chameleon
9. Sandman
8. Kraven the Hunter
7. Shocker.Montana and the Enforcers
6. The Rhino/Alex O'Hirn
5. Mysterio/Quentin Beck
4. Tombstone/L. Thompson Lincoln/Big Man(The Kingpin of Spectacular Spider-Man)
3. Venom/Eddie Brock
2. Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius
1. Green Goblin/Norman Osborn
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
My Favorite Brony Musicians:
SimGretina (My personal favorite, he does other things too :3)
daks (extremely underrated artist with GREAT music)
KingSparta (Great remixes with one of my favorite nitntendo franchises in it too dkc)
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Best MLP FIM Cupcakes Videos:
The bronies are just about the most creative fanbase out in the world so I thought I would dedicate a blog to my favorite (and most dark) fanfic of the MLP fandom, Cupcakes:
I also love Rainbow x Pinkamena
I think its because MLP offers so much creativity tbh... a magical world of talking doesn't get any more "creative" than that XD :3
Brony from August 2011 to now :3 And still counting....
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
MLP FIM Characters as Loud House Characters:
With explanations :3
Rainbow Dash = Lynn Loud - Tomboyish, brash, bold, extraverted, extreme, loves sports, tough, tsundere
Pinkie Pie = Luan Loud - Goofy, jokester, loves pranks, loves comedy, laughs a lot
Twilight Sparkle = Lisa Loud - The smart one, genius level intellect, very witty
Spike = Lincoln Loud - The only male in a female dominated society (so to speak in loud house)
Rarity = Lori Loud - The drama queen with a whining ability and very feminine
Applejack/Apple Bloom = Lana Loud - The most boyish in the house of all the girls
Fluttershy = Leni Loud (With intelligence) - Kind heart, loving
Scootaloo = Luna Loud - Wild, loves rock music, loves performance, short hair
Sweetie Belle = Lola Loud (Without meanness) - A girly streak
Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon = Lola Loud (Mean and nice)
Princess Celestia = Lori Loud - The oldest
Discord (Hero Version) = Clyde McBride - Comic relief of the show who has a crush on Fluttershy (I think) or Celestia (I think)/Lori Loud
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 3 0
Us INFP' Jay SapphireDragon95.
US INFP's...have a hard time knowing when to eat.
US INFP's don't know when to stop or have limits.
US INFP'S are perfectionists.
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Three Gems and a Baby Review (SPOILERS)
It was okay....I guess...Not my favorite episode, I'll tell you that...Actually, the sequel episode was probably better..On my tv, it didn't even mention the sequel ep at just said that there was steven universe three gems and a baby......7:30 pm to 745....and then regular show at im like...IS THAT IT? IS THAT IT? and then another twist episode comes on with a BIGGER TWIST to's all in steven's about psychlogocial thriller
I can't really remember anything in three gems and a baby aside from the PRACTICAL GIFTS part with the diapers and dictionary...the pearl giving steven a dictionary was probably the funniest part tbh...that and amethyst's one liners...but i cant remember them
EDIT: Sorry....There's a reason why i was tense computer is low on i tried recording it WITH said computer opppsite way with photo i had anxiety the whole fucking time watching...that's a personal note....
But yeah here are some other thing
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
Isolation vs. Intimacy = Pearl
(Take away the female aspect of it)
Pearl is who I want to be, Amethyst is who I am....I'm ready to evolve considering im at the next psychosocial stage...
Right now, I'm isolated...:(
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
My Favorite Steven Universe Characters as Cars
So guys i have a favorite game in chuck e cheese' you know what it was? of COURSE YOU DO....IT'S SCUD RACE (SUPER SEGA GT)
that was my childhood :3
i love that game so much
But now i love steven i thought id compare the cars and things to steven universe characters
for example: CAR METAPHORS
Amethyst = Dodge Viper (Hefty, bulky, large, heavy, strong, powerful, round)/ Mazda RX-8 for the same reasons really....also Dodge Viper ACR comes in purple in gran turismo 5 (And for you americans out there, she's a NATIVE to our country since dodge viper is american and amethyst is native to EARTH)
Pearl = Ferrari F40 (Very Thin and sleek, almost flawless to a point, pointy, OLD FASHIONED) (From a different planet (Italy differnet country metaphor)
Lapis Lazuli = McLaren F1 (The most perfect and most powerful powerhouse, beautiful design, very rare to find) (From a different planet/country Britain/Homeworld)
Peridot = Porsche 911 (Common one, of EVIL origin (sorry germany) but
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
I'm Sorry
I know I can aloof at times..but anyone who is a friend of mine that I don' t talk to, please don't take it personally...I, as an introvert, have a VERY hard time socializing as well as getting out of the "clouds" so to speak, since I am an INFP.
So, if you were offended, I'm truly sorry...It also doesn't help that I have OCD and all....which largely hinders my will to talk
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 0 0
No matter what I do, I always get Pearl in my dreams lol XD...So I just made her my icon now cuz of that lol XD
:icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0
Snow Miser and Heat Miser by DarkTyranitar21 Snow Miser and Heat Miser :icondarktyranitar21:DarkTyranitar21 1 0

I love this vid
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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I am a lover of cartoons, peacekeeper, pacifist, hedonist, feminist, and writer/videomaker :3...despite my LOKI ID, I am quite "good."

First things first, I love tsunderes/tomboys :3

My favorite color is Blue.

I use cartoons as my muse :3
Hey guys, it's me, Sapph...

I love tsunderes, supervillains, and tragic characters.
I purposefully keep my hair long. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST :3. X3 I have a type (blonde, or brunette and tomboyish.)
I still love Raven from TT and teen titans in general. But I've moved on from that time XD

No, but seriously, I love animation. And video making. And writing :3. Just because I admire villainous characters, does not make me a villain myself. I just like villains is all. I like actors too. And I like heroes more, usually.

Joker: WHY...SO...SERIOUS?

Me: Would...Would you get outta here?

HEY GUYS. WATCH FOR A TSUNDERE or VILLAIN a week! Just an INFP who loves to sketch and loves sketch artwork in itself....Color is overrated (though I love the color blue :3) I'm a guy who uses the computer a lot and puts pokemon/characters as his icon...for some reason...AND loves tsunderes and supervillains as much as a weaboo loves anime.

Current Residence: Ace Ventura: "That's none of your damn business, and I'd thank you to stay out of my personal affairs..."
Favourite Genre of Music: 80's Synth, Rock and New Wave, 90's Hip Hop, MOAR 80's Synthpop
MP3 Player of Choice: iPhone
Favourite Cartoon Character:
- Female: Rainbow Dash (Best Pony and Equestria Girl :3 <3), Amethyst (BEST GEM), Lynn Loud (BEST LOUD), Peridot, Pearl, Luan Loud, Slappy Squirrel, Baby Doll, Lapis Lazuli, Princess Luna, Raven, Batgirl, Harley Quinn
- Male: Yami Yugi, Monkey Fist, Valmont, Tso Lan, Gorilla Grodd, Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, Ash Ketchum, Brock, Bakura, Marik, Robin (Best TT), Spongebob, The Riddler, Diddy Kong, Batman, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Joker, Lex Luthor, Metallo, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Black Manta, Wally West

Favorite Actors: Tom Kenny, Tom Kane, Steve Blum, Michaela Dietz, DeeDee Magno Hall, Jeniifer Paz, Shelby Rabara, Ashleigh Ball, Jennifer Paciccio, Powers Boothe, Clancy Brown, Glenn Shadix, Tara Strong, Grey Delisle, Richard Horvitz, Mark Hamill, Dan Green, Eric Stuart

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